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Fast-Flor Garage Floor Tile

The Fast-Flor modular plastic floor tile system will enhance the look of garage floors, play rooms, basements, show rooms, decks, gyms or any hard surface flooring.  

Each 12" x 12" Fast-Flor tile is molded in a high-quality, prime grade High-Impact Copolymer plastic.  This makes them strong and tough enough to sustain the weight of your car, truck or SUV.  

Fast-Flor tiles feature a raised bottom, supported by hundreds of "arched legs" that allow for drainage and air-flow underneath the tile. Built-in expansion joints have small perforations that serve as a drain and ventilation holes to eliminate the build up of water, humidiy, mold and mildew.  

The raised diamond pattern on the surface of each tile makes it ideal for applications that requires comfort and slip resistance.  The tiles won't fade in color, rust or corrode keeping your floor looking it's best for years to come!

Fast and Easy Installation

Installing Fast-Flor is a snap!  The only surface preparation required is to sweep the floor.  No messy glues or fasteners are required.  Most wall to wall installations will require the tiles to be cut along some walls.  Any good old handsaw or jig-saw will serve.  Otherwise just interlock the tiles together by hand.  An average garage floor can be completed in a few hours.

To clean, you can sweep up any dirt and simply spot clean with water and mild soap and then wipe dry, or let it dry off on it's own.  If you think it was easy to install, you find that it is just as easy to transport and re-locate! To move the tiles to another location, simply unlock the tiles and re-install them at your new location.  A great way to maximize your invesment!

Finishing Components

The Fast-Flor tile system includes 12" long Edge Ramps and Corners to finish the exposed edges of your installation.  These components interlock the same way the tiles interlock into one another.  The Edge Ramps transistion the subfloor to the tile's top surface.  Just like the tile, the Edge Ramps incorporate built-in expansion joins with water drainage perforations.

Two ramps are available - male and female.  The male edge ramp has "tabs" protruding along the edge which snap to the tile's "loop" edge. The female edge ramp has "loops" along the edge and they snap to the edge of the tile that has protruding tabs.  

The corner snaps in to the gap between 2 edge ramps that meet a 90 degree angle.  The Fast-Flor Edge Ramps and Corners are available in same tile colors. 

Fast-Flor Tile Colors

Made in Canada

  • Great Looks
  • Strong & Durable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Colors
  • Mold Resistant
  • Permits Drainage

Free Shipping to Canada and the Continental USA on order of 600 pcs or more!

Fast-Flor Brochure
Download the Fast-Flor Diamond Brochure.
Installation Guide
Download the Fast-Flor Installation Guide

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